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The mission of OPEN FIELDS Foundation is

caring for people and the enviroment

We develop and empower communities, making people happy and the environment clean.

Our goal is to change mentalities and behaviors by sharing genuine ideas and values to our communities.

We develop sustainable models and changes, with an open mind.  This way people will become more generous, more caring and more involved, by being a core of change for their communities.

We believe in our vision and we know that its impact will be

amplified by scaling up and partnerships with other entities.


Get Involved

Ending world hunger and poverty globally is a large challenge but it's not unrealistic. It takes each and every single one of us to do our part to be able to attain a world without poverty and hunger. Our partners in the USA and Europe have helped us accomplish many of our initiatives in terms of livestock projects, micro enterprises, micro credits and agro tourism activities.


You too can make a difference in the life of a needy family, by partnering with Open Fields! Whether it is a heifer, a goat or a tree seedling, your help will mean the world for a struggling farmer in Romania.

If you wish to support our work, please find the necessary information here:


Logo Open Fields




Str. Mihai Romanul nr. 19, 400472 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel.: +40 264 403 680 | office@openfields.ro