Support for Ukrainian vulnerable refugees in Romania

The project address vulnerable people as mothers, children, elderly and sick/handicapped refugees in the North West of Romania, from the North customs of Sighetul Marmatiei to the inland, covering all the North West region of Romania. The target group will receive vouchers/cash allowances for their basic needs, psychological support, facilitation for health investigation and medical treatment as well as travel assistance for family reunion or reaching a final desired destination.

1. Vouchers/Cash allowances for Ukrainian refugees


660 vouchers or cash with the nominal value of 500 Romanian currency (approximately 100 CHF) will be donated to mothers traveling with children, elders above 70 years old, handicapped and severe sick people. Disbursement will be organized in a private/safe place, number of qualifying people will be established in advance with the local responsible of the camp. Always some vouchers/cash will be in reserve to avoid injustice. Clear selection criteria will be printed in Ukrainian language together with recommendation of using them wisely and responsible. Cash/voucher will be received under signature and acceptance of a photo of the ID or Passport.


The number of children will be mentioned without recording kid’s personal data. Single mothers traveling with more than two children could qualify for a double grant (1.000 Romanian lei) if funds are available. Voucher and/or cash will be distributed in presence of three people (two Open Fields staff and a third party – preferably the head of the camp/shelter). A report will be completed after each session including the number of assisted people, category (mother, elder, handicapped/severe disease), total amount disbursed, date, location, observations and signatures. Severe sick/disease – means clear malfunctioning and/or sufferance. A person can be subject of a second donation after at least 30 days from receiving first installment.

3. Psychological support for Ukrainian refugees


OPF will be organizing specialized psychical support for minimum 450 Ukrainian refugees. One full time or two half time psychologists will be hire. They will organize on a regular bases, group and private therapy sessions according to demand, needs and specific context.


As Ukrainian society is not very advanced and most of the targeted groups belongs to vulnerable, less educated people, unformal type of psychological support will be engaged without cost, on a full volunteer base: Religion service and preparation for Easter (April 24th) as both Romanians and Ukrainians belongs to the Eastern Orthodox Church. The opportunity of organizing folkloric shows or puppets theaters for children will be investigated and organized under demand.



2.Facilitating medical consultations for Ukrainian refugees


Many of refugees are arriving sick. Children got cold/flue due to long exposures to the winter weather, also COVID 19 virus is still active in UA and RO territory (between 5.000 to 10.000 cases/day in Romania). Medical staff welcoming refugees are reporting all arriving children are cuffing and got other signs of upper respiratory diseases. Adults and especially seniors are caring age specific health problems and stop the ongoing treatments due to the crisis.


There are pregnant women who need periodical check and strong emotions caused by the war are having a bad influence on all. As the weather will get warmer we are expecting parasitic, water borne diseases or other epidemics to develop. People travels and lives crowded, there is a high randomized microbiological exchange and hygiene can’t be maintained at high standards. Under stress and food privacy conditions after a long winter, general immunity is low.


Emergency medical kits and fire extinctors will be provided to all improvised locations hosting refugees. OPF will organize a medical surveys on the targeted camps/shelters and at least 180 people will benefit. Health assistance will be adjusted to the needs. General medicine doctors will be invited for health screening of residents. Translation will be covered. Those who need/want a medical general control will receive free consultations. People who need a specialized doctor visit will be programed, transported and benefit of an interpreter. Project funds will cover basic medicines according prescription. In case of bad diseases needing high specialization and expensive treatment OPF will pass the cases to specialized health orgs. and/or will look for private sponsors.

4. Facilitating the reunion with refugee families in EU countries (travel assistance)


Some of the refugee’s families are separated because of the war - many working young couples left children in the care of “babushka - granny” in Ukraine. Now old women never getting out of their village and totally helpless are on the road with the grandchildren. Others intend to arrive at a destination where they do have a blood connection or simply friends or neighbors.

OPF staff will assist those who need to find the faster and appropriate transport for arriving at the desired destination. At least 60 refugees will be oriented and will receive tickets


Medical, psychological and travel assistance will be documented and registered on detailed lists of beneficiaries and all related expenses will be covered by invoices, bills, copy of the transport ticket or other similar methods.






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